To Whom It May Concern

I bet you thought you saw the last of me
How you doin’? And how is she?
I bet when I turned that corner
You thought that I would mourn her

Well guess what?
To whom it may concern:
I hope you crash and burn
Your ashes long forgotten
Struck vultures on your urn

I’m not a doll you can throw away
With my threaded flesh and buttons astray
Your eyes remind me of lake scum
Festering, dead, striking you dumb

You don’t need them
Because you refuse to see
I don’t need you
So leave me be

Oh wait! I forgot
Or rather, you did
You left me by the road
A piece of trash that you hid
Before running off with some moth
Let me break it to you: You’re a thot

To whom it may concern:
I guess you’ll never learn
Don’t cross me, I told you that
Don’t try and get me to return

You may have forgotten
About your masks and acts
I’ll say this
The tree does not forget the axe

You suck, majorly
And you’re right
I’m not in your league

We’re not playing the same game
Your habit of trying to be cool makes you lame

I pity her
I don’t envy your girl
Because I know that
She’s going through a whirl

That’s you
You’re a hurricane
A storm, a wreck
And utterly insane

To whom it may concern:
As you rage and you churn
Shut up, okay?
There’s nothing you can earn

You can wave me goodbye
As you take leave on your boat
Until you realize
You’re heading towards the wrong shore

And I can wave back
Because finally -
I realize that you have no soul

Plus, on top of that, you’re an asshole

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This Poems Story

The realization that you're blessed to be rid of someone.