To Whom Shall I Be Introduced?

I, anything two in one,
I, head and tail, two faces in one,
I, now and here or now-here,
Faster than light, even faster than thought,
Maybe I am divine or I should be,
For, I incorporate timelessness, light, and more,
I am art, prose, and rhyme,
The sacred and the profane,
I am a gaze, both intrinsic and extrinsic,
I see without being seen,
I am the essence of a reel and real,
I am the transcendent, omnipresent I am.
Yet, I dwell a box of flesh
It speaks on my behalf,
We share memory and myth,
I don't think death will do us apart. On the contrary,
The box will be liberated, transcend its physiology to chase mine,
Maybe I am the true-lie or the lie-true,
Forget all that I told you with tongue and ink,
I am the center of the universe,
When I desire the box, I destroy it
When I desire the box, I protect it,
Call this a sadist or a masochist
I am this and this I am,
After-all, to whom shall I be introduced?

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