To whom the universe doesn’t approve

To the person that the universe doesn’t accept
To the love that the brains doesn’t approve
The flame that slowly burns in my chest
The heat that they fear getting close to
We were condemned to live lonely whenever we go
We are forced to suffer silently whoever we are
Should we play it safe and sink in the sea by the day we die
Or should we lift our head up and destroy everything in the way
Can you let me please get off this train early
Let me please not reach where you are all going
No one knows I was pushed on board by force
I was never meant to breathe the way you do
We can’t step forward and get off even if we want to
We are too afraid of the sentence we had get
Mister the judge will never forgive us
He doesn’t have colors within his laws
We are the guilty before even committing the crimes
We are the children to whom belong the pencils you stole
I’ll paint myself with the crayons you’ve given me
So don’t blame me for the ugly scenery that you’ll see
If you’ve given me enough freedom to draw
I would have gifted you a portrait of you
I would have put a pretty smile on top of it too

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