To Write

To write.
To let the words flow freely from my mind,
straight down my arm, into my fingertips,
down through the pen, and emerge onto paper as words.
Individual letters that are arranged into perfect order
to say the most beautiful things.
It is such a freeing feeling to write.
Let out my thoughts.
Arrange my words into graceful flowing sentences and poetry.
To write.
I can feel the stress flow from my fingers and
transform through my pen into something beautiful.
To write is to escape.
Escape the day.
Escape the problems.
Escape the world into a fantasy,
into an adventure!
Writing can take us places.
Real or imaginary.
Past, present, or future.
It's when the ink appears,
when I watch the letters grow into words,
and the words morph into sentences, that I know.
I know how it feels
To write.

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