To Yearn, to Long

Can I, can I, can I just
Sweet talk them Cloroxed socks off,
Until you're bearing your heels before me like Bear Grills?
This bottled romance encaging my soul
Stories of buried butterflies remaining untold
I cannot let them take control. yet
Scurrying up my spine
Swift as can be, the chills
Adolescents are aware of the feel
Take me back to my youth!
Then this dream would not be torture, for I would tango with you
I am yet young in years, but not as young as you
Nonetheless, my heart is soaring;
I am gliding upside down
As if Denzel is the pilot
Flying over the plains
Love is the battlefield
I am tipping my hat to both Jordans
So high I doubt any eagle can find this love
Here in America
My life as a poetician
Known to be so descriptive
I copy and print these speeches just so you can get the picture
My campaign is for your heart!
My shot taken in the dark
These quotes embody my bow
My hopes high for the result of your vote

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