To You

it saddens me
you watch in shadow
hidden by pine
by shrubs
encouraging the weary
you whisper secrets
you pass your blessing
pointing others, to the direction
of their healing
take flight on new wings you say
while you live, vicariously
through another
while you watch, in shadows, deep
you sit, salt of the earth
that has lost its saltiness
a healer
imagining the risks of others
are risks you take
their new life, rectified
is your own
but it is not
nor will it be
for you reside in the shadows
content with comfortable
your own wings lie broken
your own risks
...never taken...
you live life
...with a heart broken...
bound by yesterday
her pain, her chains
...they stop any movement...
how will my friend ever fly
ever soar to new heights
his own life passes him by
as he sits in shadows, deep
the unhealed healer
of humanity
deep I mention
how you sadden me?

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