To you

I come in peace my dear.
I see your ability - it can help
Listen! Did you ever say to yourself?
"Can there be a day beyond this day?
Where the sea of fear doesn't exist,
that which strangles like a suicide rope
Where there is no drowning in a never-ending struggle of who will get what and who won't get what
Where we sail to a milestone of possibilities, endless.
"Some things never change" can't be said in such a day.
And there's the ability to change in everything.
Where we do not dwell on past failures, but always seeing something new
Can you imagine it?
We don't care if that day stays too long
The unexpected doesn't arise
In this day, I don't see the corrupt foxes of our world
Or the terror masters against us
Or the losses which we cannot repair
Or like evil ghosts, the sicknesses that ravage and disappear as quick as they come.
Or the future mortgaged by our supposed steersmen.
Or mouths sealed to avoid spillage of data."
Ever wonder, "when will there be that tomorrow - our break of dawn?"
You have an answer but you don't want to get involved.
You chase the wrong things, paper your motivation.
Don't you want this day to end?
Don't you?

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