To You I’m Nothing

Suck it up and pull it in
That's what you always told me.
"Over emotional, crazy girl."
I smile and say "I'm fine,"
When I want to scream in pain.
Frustration causing bones to ache.
Silent tears make an escape,
At night when you're not there.
You don't see how weak you're making me.
Although I'm sure you know,
You just don't give a sh*t.
Bruises show up everywhere,
And I pretend I don't know,
Where they come from or how I got them.
Giving everyone a free show
Pretending every second
Not knowing who I am anymore
My life, like a lie.
To strangers, I am hurt.
To people, I am a klutz.
To family, I am insane.
To friends, something is wrong.
To you? To you I'm nothing.

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