By Lyssa    Lyssa

Today I told my boyfriend I loved him.
And I know that sounds like a simple task
But he knows I’m bad with affection.
Of course, he happily said it back,

I almost wished he didn’t,
Because that would’ve made this whole thing a whole lot easier.

Today I gave my sister a hug.
And I know that sounds like a simple task
But she knows no one can touch me without me flinching,
It’s as if I let down my mask.

She knew something was wrong but she didn’t say,
I wish she would’ve.

Today I gave my best friend my promise ring,
She gave it to me as a gift,
When I handed it to her she was angry and started running.
I tried to explain but she just started to drift,

Farther and farther away.
But maybe this was a sign.

Today I got my antidepressants out of the cabinet,
I know I do that every day, but today was different.
Today I had a secret,
A secret that wasn’t an accident.

I pulled two pills out of the bottle
And swallowed them without thinking.

Today I lied to everyone,
I said I’d see them tomorrow,
But today I was done,
Filled with nothing but regret and sorrow.

I stared at the pill bottle feeling empty inside.

I took three more then three became four and four became-
You get the picture.

Today was a day.
It was my last,
And now I can finally say
Today is in the past.

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