By Ansh   

Do not look back to a time,
So unknown , you regret ,
A time so dark, you become upset.
When maybe you were naive or to fond of yourself ,
Maybe you were flawed, Or just too depressed .
A situation done differently or in some other way;
Do Not Forget , You live in Today.

Never think of tomorrow ,
Tomorrow that will or might bring sorrow.
Why to foresee , what no one can ?
Why to waste time on useless plans?
Plans are just expectations , they are not actual fate,
Why to be happy tomorrow ?Why to wait ?
When you can be! Happy Today.

Today you are a champion , a Victor.
A Victor at peace ,
A human with infinite energy .
Today you love yourself ,
And other love you ,because, you like them too .
You are unknown of sorrow , unknown of greed ,
Today you are not broken , you are free.

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This Poems Story

This poem describes the anxiety of many , many who get lost in their past or are to scared of the future.