By peter   

January 23rd
He hit me for the first time today.
He said he was sorry, so I said it’s okay.
I took him out to dinner and he told me about his rough week.
My mom died yesterday.

February 5th
I went to the ER today.
They asked what happened so I said I fell and broke my ribs.
They don’t know that he pushed me off the stairs.
I can’t have children now.

February 21
My hand was burnt today.
He put my hand in boiling water because I didn’t make him lunch.
He doesn’t know I had a miscarriage.
My kid died.

March 5th
He cut me today.
I tried to get to the ER but he cut me more until I blacked out.
When I woke up I was in a trashcan all bloody.
He thought I was dead trash.

March 19th
He hit me in face at the store
A lot of people saw it so they called the police.
My eyes were puffy from the hit but I was smiling.
He hit me for the last time today.

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