“Justice for all”
A ten-year-old brown-skinned girl in a classroom
Gazing at the flag colored in red, white, and blue.
She pledged her allegiance to the greatest place,
A ten-year-old brown-skinned girl in a classroom.
Her parents ran through her veins more than
Her tongue-speaking in her second language.
That same brown-skinned girl grew up,
The same way grew her desire for this country.
She signed her name in that great list
Whose colors are grey, brown, and army green.
She would grow up wearing those colors and
Representing the red, white, and blue.
In her heart, she pumped green, white, and red.
That little girl grew up and soon realized
That this great place in the world
Is the darkest one of them all.
It is a big, ugly, scary monster
Who has eight letters for a name.
She grew up to be twenty beautiful years old
Just to be inhumanly taken away from this life.
“Justice for all”
Three small words with great significance
Have a mysterious way of slipping through
With the colored human beings in this country.
Justice is what she deserves. Her name is Vanessa.

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