Today I Walk

By Cathy   

Today I walk the straight and narrow path, for tomorrow is unknown.
Each step of the day may I keep my balance and not fall for each step is unknown.
As this world rotates around the sun for today I walk, as strong as I can.
Tomorrow has its changes through the day what will tomorrow bring?
I am tough because life made me that way, for today I walk.
Time gives us strength to move through the day, as I use A cane for today I walk.
Time has helped me to be the best I can be through the years.
Today I am fine with my ablity to walk using A cane for today I can walk.
The gift God gave me through this day and the next is life.
Today I walk not always strong and steady with my abilities for Today I walk.
By: Cathy Hearn

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    This Poems Story

    This poem is about my ability to walk each day is a struggle with my disabilty. I am strong and tough because life has made me that way.