Today I Will Rise

By Aj   

Day and night,
Each darker than bright,
I try to get what I need,
I cry to get what I need.
But, in this world of nothingness,
My tries are overlooked
And my cries, suppressed.
Till I give up just to start over, again.
I am not free to fly.
Every time I flap my wings,
They strip them off
And throw them away to rot.
Every time I try to dream,
My thoughts, they snatch away
And my world, they make it worse
In every possible way.
Every moment I am reminded who I am.
Reminded that I did the sin of being a girl.
That I could never fly.
And that, I should never dare to dream.
But today,
I will rise against all odds
I will resist them
And break all the strains
That keep me here,
In this dark place.

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This Poems Story

This poem is not based on anyone in particular. It is written to reflect the way girls are still treated in some parts of the world (E.g. some regions of South Asia). They are considered to be 'lesser' than boys in some way that I don't understand. This mentality is something that I want to get rid off and hence I wrote the poem to create a social impact. Just to be clear this is NOT based on my life or any other person's who I know.