Today is…

As I look up at the sky today, the clouds and colors are so bright.
I use my hands to cover and shade my eyes from all the shining light.
And I think to myself…
Today is beautiful.
Today is nice.
Today is peaceful.
Today is a new start at life…
What is happiness asks the common man?
That’s a question that’s been on demand.
Happiness is when you do something you love
Happiness is when you are with the ones you love
Happiness is when you feel all warm and right
With the world, with yourself and with God
Are you happy all the time?
Well why not?
Because, although today is a new start…. life can sometimes knock you down…
In a minute
In a hour
In a day
In a week
In a month
In a year
Life…can make you feel… all types of things
Life can be a tough ass bitch…
Its sour one minute but sweet the next
You’re joyous and happy at times and at others you’re down in the dumps
It has all these possibilities, all these unknown outcomes and opportunities for everyone
Life can be a beautiful thing
The fact that we are a part of life is among one the most amazing things
So as I lay there sitting looking up at the sun and sky I remind myself
That God created life
The sun, the sky, the clouds, the seas,
He created everything including you and me.
The trees, the breeze, the winter’s cold and summer’s heat.
Life can seem terrifying…But life is still a beautiful thing…
Today will be beautiful.
Today will be nice.
Today will be peaceful.
Because, today is a new start at life….

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