Today’s World

Hurting people all around
Like a plague throughout the town
Jobs less, dollars few
No one knows what to do
Politics, crisis, chaos
Shelters, streets; cold and hot
Good people, bad people
All can relate
Churches, religions, cults
All looking for saving Grace
Peace, sadness,
Happiness, sorrow
Depression today
Death tomorrow
What’s happening to this world?
What’s with this recession?
Will the big guys in the office
Get it together and learn their lesson?
Full wallets for the head honcho
Empty pockets for the less macho
I have to take a drug test to get a job
You mooch off the government
And live like a slob
There are a lot of people that are
Poor and in need of a helping hand
We need to pull together, and live up
To “United we stand”!
People trying to change the USA
Taking God out of schools
Screaming out; “Freedom comes with
What I say!”
We are nearing the end of time
Doesn’t matter what religion we practice
Or what churches may teach
Doesn’t matter what our neighbors think
Or the pastor may preach
It will all be over and done with
Let’s come together and give one
Another the respect deserved
Stop all the fighting and racial slurs
We were all created by the one and the same
Take time out to be thankful in Jesus’ name.

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