Let us go then, you and I through the clouds of white
We shall, intertwined walk down the wet cobblestone paths
as the mist entrails us from behind
along with the sun, ever so kind, through dark unfathomable tunnels,
tabby cats and rats scrabbling for anything
just so that it becomes nothing
a strong void, but mean
see, you don't want the sun to finally be engulfed by the sea
yet the night and the moon go against your will and they take her

Plastic bags flutter against the broken fence

With the sun, she sets, the night rolls and wraps itself
separation and unkempt,
slithering through ice on windows and the heat from the breath of one

Searching on the corner of corners until, unless
the tide rises and washes away, receding with my memory
no longer real but rather a fragment soon to fade
it just gets away from us

I miss it all, the morning coffee trips
my plaid checkered shirts on her bare thin pale shoulders
a timeless clock ticked itself away until there was no time to tick

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