Together we fought, together we sinned,
In Valhalla we will meet again.
Together we fought, together we bled,
We won't stop fighting once we're dead.
Together we fought, alone we cried,
Mourning our friends that died.
Together we fought, with brothers by our side,
Alone with our demons we do hide.
Together we fought, even after we're home,
Our sad souls are damned to roam.
Together we fought, now we fight for cures,
We ask for no help since the pain isn't yours.
Together we fought, and alone in the dark we shed our tears,
None but our brothers understand our fears.
Together we fought, in faraway lands,
Never again to feel the touch of our loved ones hands.
Now all alone we fight, battling the demons in our head,
They won't release their grasp until we're dead.
Together we have fought, but now comes the end of our fight,
We'll be together in Valhalla before the end of the night.
Together we will fight, on and on forever more,
Even after death we continue in our trade of war.

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This Poems Story

I was a United States Marine Corps infantry rifleman from 2010 to 2014. I was in Afghanistan from 2012 to 2013. I wrote "Together" to pay homage to the brotherhood that exists between enlisted Marines in an infantry unit--and especially the brotherhood that existed between members of Fox Company, Second Battalion, Seventh Marines. And I'd also like to take the time to remember those who lost their battle with the demons, especially my friends Matthew Blythe and Adam Cooper. I hope this makes more people aware of the battle some guys fight everyday after they come home.