Is it so hard for people to see the world is falling apart?
When will we wake up and see that change needs to start?
We all have our struggles; we all have our faults
Can it be so hard to understand something is wrong?
When will we realize it's time for all of this to stop?
All the hate,greed, and the desire to succeed regardless the cost
All the pain and hurt that it tends to cause
When will hearts be freed from this bitter cold frost?
When are we going to learn that history always repeats?
It time for a little understanding of our fellow man
It's time for a little consideration of other people's beliefs
Can this be so difficult to understand?
Everyone is different in some way, shape, or form
Embrace those differences and find tolerance for everyone
Change our perceptions and stand for what is morally right
It's time we all stand together as human beings, unified and fight
Call for change in our cultural and social beliefs and norms
Look, we are all afraid of change to some degree
So listen closely and just maybe you can agree
Tolerance can be the spark that ignites a fire
It can be the one thing that gives all people what they desire
Tolerance can be the tool that enables us to weather any storm
Come on people, realize, it's time we embrace change and reform

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