Tom is a creature,
with a special feature,
He lives at his apartment number 22,
His neighbors are complete animals,
His neighbors on the right our monkeys,
They're always howling gibberish,
On the left his neighbors aren't very fast,
There always in their mobile home,
Unless they need to take a bath,
He loves his striped suit,
And he doesn't laugh,
He's sleek and soft,
And doesn't make a peep,
He loves his tree by the river,
He climbs it all day,
He thinks meat is the best,
And he doesn't at all like the rest,
If he's not climbing,
He's pacing in his reeds,
People watch him all day,
He always has a smile,
On his yellow eyed face,
He can hear very well,
Smell well too,
And in case you didn't know,
Tom's a tiger,
And he even asked me to stay for a while!

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