Tomato Soup

Grown from seed on a vine,
turning from green to red takes time,
as the wind breezes through the air,
fresh green leaves billow and flare.

Was then picked and packed away,
ready to be used the very next day,
tipped into a great big machine,
all silver and shiny it did so gleam.

The soft flesh was pummelled into mush,
wishing to be still hanging on the bush,
skin, flesh and thousands of seeds,
the machine completes its daily deeds.

A long and slow trip down a dark pipe,
all the bright red sludge that's quite ripe,
then was tipped into a very large vat,
and boiled alive, what do you think of that.

Hot and red the mush begins to bake,
poured into tins like a smooth red lake,
tins on a conveyer belt carry the cargo of in a loop,
this is what its like to be a can of tomato soup!

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    This Poems Story

    Tomato soup, a delicous meal everyone likes on a cold winters day.