Tomayto, Tomahto

As a noxious plague doth disparity between us skulk,
Lingering long amid friends bygone
Who have patience naught for diversity
And who would with forked tongues their brothers slay

For unimportant are the disputes
Which hatred of men hath spawned
And petty do the contretemps remain
As privilege is envied and poverty shunned

Confrontation’s catalyst in provocation doth lie
Bitter differences separate brothers
Who use as power’s symbol
Blatantly justified persecution

Any man can war’s weapons employ
Killing idly in religion’s name
For to murder, what skills are required?
To hate entails no such intellect

Equal from birth hath He created us
Yet distinct in opinions and creeds are we
If in His likeness we elected to live
Such distinctions between men would matter not

Mine own tomayto
Is thy tomahto
Shall abhorrence in us these paltry semantics make?

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