The night keeps getting later and later,
but still my mind won't rest.
My heart feels heavy,
my eyes too dry to cry.
I wish sleep would overcome me,
if only to put my mind at ease.
I know the only reason I can't sleep is you.
I stay up and go through our conversations.
The laughs shared,
the memories made,
and the dark humor we have in common.
I miss your smile,
I can feel it in your words but the real thing is better.
Still maybe you aren't the reason I am awake...
Maybe I can't sleep because I'm afraid of tomorrow.
I am afraid of tomorrow because it is not promised,
because I'm afraid of closing my eyes and then being denied tomorrow.
Being denied another opportunity to see the sunrise.
Being denied another chance of talking to you.
So, I sit here my eyes wide open waiting for tomorrow,
knowing that if I keep my eyes open I will reach tomorrow,
I will still be alive.

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