Waiting for tomorrow,
But still left with today.
Even when tomorrow comes,
It will only be the present.
I will never live in tomorrow.
Cursed by this fact,
I am restrained by time.
All my thoughts are in anticipation of you.
You hold such bright dreams of what I can be.
But I will never see you.
I will never feel you.
I will never be with you.
Tomorrow, why do you haunt me?
Why do you elude me?
I desire to be with you.
But I cannot.
All my plans lie in your hours.
I wait for your arrival,
But upon coming, you slip from my grasp.
Damned by a cruel reality, time.
Why do I concern myself if I can never be with you?
Why do you control me as you do?
Your curse will haunt me no more.
I will find you.
The only way to escape the curse of time is to leave time itself.
So I will leave the present.
I will find tomorrow, by leaving today.
Today, I am a man.

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