By Tanya C   

We're always waiting for tomorrow
Yet tomorrow never comes
We're waiting for the world to sleep
And sigh at secrets it cannot keep
For the stars always twinkle and the skies always wink

What message are the winds trying to convey
When it whispers into our ears?
When it sighs at secrets it cannot keep
And relieves itself at the sounds of our sleep
For tomorrow it will hold its breath again

What makes the trees sway and the cold pierce?
What makes the sky dark and colours fierce?
Why is it you only seek the sound of truth
When darkness is truly bright?
Now if you listen closely, all you will hear
Are the sounds of silence in your ear
That shatter when the sky turns gold
And breaks when the first voices are spoken
And darkness sheaths its sword

Tomorrow has arrived, yet it never arrives
For each step leads us closer and farther away
For the ink that flows when the skies turn gold
Is when the world holds its breath again.

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