The thunderstorm is leaving.
But the sky is still spitting flashes of lights and strong growls.
The Gods are pretty angry right now,
and we should silently jut listen to them, and pray.
Who knows to who.
Just pray to the sky, that is the reason why we are alive.
Even if there is no body behind it. Or above it.
Damn it if we are different.
And how many thinghs we have to learn from each other everyday.
Such a school is life, isn't it? Teachers, bad students,
friends, anemies, and animals.
Circumstances and unsepected chances can make yor life a bad gamble.
We are all players anyway.
If I were you,I would just stay in safe place.
Forever, without looking outside. You will die happy, maybe.
If I could be somebody else I would rather die unhappy,
but knowing to have seen the world.
We are so different. We are so complicated.
The cigarette in my hand lost his ash,
and I'm silently watching it burning.
Under the porch it's possible to breath an intense air of life.
The humidity gives to the sky a magic color pink.
Everything is going to be fine and the sun will light the way.
Ps. buy a good pair of flip flop fot the beach, it's goddamm hot.

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