Tonight I wonder

Tonight, I lie awake and wonder
Where the nights have gone
When I would dream.
What wonderfully magical dreams
I would dream
Full of magic and wonder
Dragons and adventure
But now I lie awake at night
Wondering where the time has gone
Oh, why have I ceased to dream
Of magic and mystery?
Could it be?
Have the days already passed
When dragons and wizards
Princes and knight across the land
Would roam our dreams
Each and every night?
For now, it seems so long ago
That I dreamed such dreams
Of wonder, magic, and mystery
Oh, how I long to go back
To the days when I would dream
Of children's wishes and fairy tales
Of happy endings and adventure
But now sadly
All I can do this restless night
Is remember and
Wonder where the nights have gone
The nights when I would dream…

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