Tonight We Are Moths

"Watch this" you say, back flipping & letting go of knotted rope
while you free fall into muddy pond water.
Later, wind blown hair--bleached with summer--
Drifts Dangerously around bare shoulders
Like feathers,
And I swear one day you're gonna fly because
Oklahoma's too tone deaf for songbird souls who long to touch
High places over rainbows. And I know that maybe this life
don't have BIG dreams built in; yet somehow you'll win
Something more than
gas station cigarettes & stop signs along railroad tracks.
Looking back, all that we are sounds like Jewel songs
Between tangled cotton sheets on rainy afternoons &
driving down potholed roads so fast that the tires
Paint red dust into the sky...

But lately the screen door slams shut, like a steel wall
Between you and I in the middle of the night &
The light on the front porch flickers,
Surrounded by moths who are searching for a way
Out of the darkness.
But that porch light is off tonight;
And in that void my heart flutters
With brown powered wings, searching for sunrise.

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