Too close.. Yet too far!!

i watched the rain soak the ground..
the eerie silence inspite of the pouring sound!!
the earth seemed so much in elation..
each drop of water, got its fragrance elevation!
the months of separation frm
the sky..
they would never unite he was way too high!!
each time the rain poured..
feeling her love so close, her heart soared!!
she had seen his ups and downs..
the calm and the frowns!!
they gazed at each other everyday..
hoping something atleast one of them would say!!
when together, they looked super fine..
got separated at the horizon by a thin line!!
so close.. yet so far..
within both of them was an emotional war!!
destined to never unite..
to never get separated they used all their might!!
whenever pours the rain..
she soaks it all in, along with her pain!!

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