Too Easily

Two souls,
Tangled, intertwined.
Trees whose roots grew together and Buried themselves into the center of the Earth,
Where no one could cut their ties.
Laid upon your lips,
Like stealing candy from a baby,
You stole me,
Too easily.
My roots intertwined in yours
Not roots,
But hands.
My sweaty hands,
And I am shaking but your touch keeps me Grounded.
Grounded like the roots you grew from my Love.
Took me where no one could hurt me,
Or save me maybe.
Love as compared to a fungus,
A parasite,
A virus,
A leech upon my skin,
I let you in,
Too easily.
Lies you transferred to my lips,
You kissed me,
Too easily.
You said goodbye,
Too easily.

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