Too Far Gone

Happiness is gone, replaced with fire masked as rain
As soon as I draw close to quench my thirst
The rain mask has gone down the drain
Only fire remains, as if it had pulled off its cloak
But I am too close to escape, I am trapped in its deadly smoke
Which draws me nearer to my own termination
Though my mind is gone, I have no contemplation,
That I am reaching the end, the end, so fast
And all I now long for is the happy past

Farewell to the world, To hell with its evil
I will miss all of god's goodness,
But will hate all of its devils
How could an innocent child like me-
Get caught up in something evil, When so carefree
All that is replaced with black fire,
Burning to the soul
Making you feel as if, your soul is happy and whole
But while you feel this happy sensation
A demon is eating you inside
Slowly, inconspicuously, So slow you couldn't tell
Until every golden piece of soul is gone
And only ashes remain.
All that is left is bones, and you are gone.
You are too far gone, from what once was pure

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