too fast

Innocent and sweet, she didn’t know the world.
Shielded by lies and deceit, she learned the hard way.
Here’s a sad story, about a poor girl,
Who grew up too fast, and never had a say.

Valedictorian, all good grades.
She moved to the city, all smiles and cheer.
Noise and filth greeted her, but she still embraced her crusade.
She never even once entertained the idea of fear.

Dark alleys and high heel shoes,
No more needs to be said.
Nothing was stolen, yet she had everything to lose.
He was not kind, nor caring - she realized too late the lies she had been fed.

He took everything she had,
Not once asking or thinking.
He left her there, not even feeling bad.
She lay in the alley; crying, crying, crying.

She moved back home, no smiles nor cheer.
She hid in her room, reliving moments past.
She’s different now, living everyday in fear,
For she was too sweet, and grew up too fast.

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