Too in Depth

From oceans to seas
From the bees to their knees
People can't deceive their true identities
Identities that run us into the grounds
Grounds that pound us into fools
Fools are only meant to be fooled
But only a fools wits are measured
Measured by the love their hearts carry
Carry my body to the grave
Dig my grave as deep as my sorrow
My sorrow, as deep as an ocean
But which one
Which one defines my fate
My knees, these bees, these cowards
These fools, their wits, their love,
my heart, my grave, my sorrow
This river, this death, this depth
Cloud nine couldn't hold me
I didn't pray to get here
I didn't die to get here
I didn't lie to get here
But I fired my gods to find my depth
I fired my friends
My family, my fools, my bees, their knees, their wits,
my heart, my grave, my sorrow
And yet in the end
None of it matters

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