Too Many Rough Skins Without Nickel


Oh soft, gliding over with my fingertips in a
Circle-out motion. It is tropical storm season and
Even inland fresh fish is becoming truthful magnified
Grasp-less on one’s part; teething really on another.
Exchanges, always better with our coats and shoes on!
Delicate rubs why has my thumb become so coarse?
Nickel electro-less coating freezing the good beef.
All the phalanges supple beside the dry carrot. I asked
Him to squeeze it like it was fresh, not toxified with agents.
I was aware, he noticed, to freeze the favourable, like
Masking a mistake. Well choose to live about which
We’ve seen. Drugs shine on the white saucer.
Commodities are seldom taken out of a complex
Wire hang partitioning, in fact only when it
Boughs and sags from the rabbit furs. That’s
When the end of a day happens. I wore a muff of
Rabbit tinted all along the walls, containing peace and
Love for their lilies. Men fro about for plated old wares.
Just outside, where a few yard of space keep them out.
Theirs are only thumbs!

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