Too Much Water Too Drink

Noises we hear 24 hours a day
8 hours we slumber or lay
The mirror shows us 2 faces
1 sun 1 moon 1 Earth and countless stars
Man called slaves, for truth we receive 7 stripes leaving
mental scars
The father, son, and Holy spirit turns 3 into 1
9 11 cost countless souls in the sun
Once your spirit no longer feels
Along comes Earthly storms to let you know it's real
Pains we can see you wear
People murder people can be a little too much too bare
2 faces in the mirror can reflect life if viewed wrong
Thinking your alive, but your walking dead all the day long
The mirror cracks and the blood from my soul runs so deep
It's only one way out
I have to fall into the arms of Jesus Christ with a
sacrificial leap
70 Percent water totals the leap out of the depths of Hell

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