Too Soon

Like a band aid pulled from a wound
Like a sunset that comes too soon
On a warm summer day

And nothing feels the same now
The pain it causes takes a different route
Straight to your heart

A darkness like you’ve never seen before
Raindrops fall where you lay on this floor
In this once happy home

Now in this empty house sits just you
At this dining room table set for two
The other coffee cup getting cold

You wonder where you can go from here
The time spent remembering the happy years
Summer turns to spring

The years pass now like never before
Though you picked yourself up off the floor
You wait for more

Something will come to ease the pain
Something will come to drive away the rain
Your time is not up

As seasons change at their steady pace
You think about the happier place
A warm summer day

The place the sunset took them too soon
One day the sunset will take you too
But for now

For someone else your sunset is still too soon.

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