too soon

I'll have that jumper in my head forever.
That dark red with white flowers
The jean jacket that completed your introductory jaunt.

I've forgotten a lot in the nearly 4 years since.
I cannot remember how we used to philosophize
I cannot remember the nature of our fights
I can't even remember the last words I spoke to you.

But I'll always have the memory of that red jumper
Because that was a lot of things to me.

It was the moment my parents had with each other
It was the first time I knew what I would die for
It was that thing that make people believe in God.

It was mine, ours. It was perfection, obtainable.
It was too soon to survive.

And now you're gone, and it's never absent from my mind.
But I still have that red jumper
Even if you don't have mine.

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