Top to bottom

Visit to a construction site,
Made me realise,
The idea of suppression, in various aspects
Of the lowers
By the uppers
I entered there, saw some workers working,
Day and night, without rest, with Passion,
And there were small huts around,
Where these creators lived,
They started pushing the building up and up,
More the building became high,
The huts shrunk as seen from sky,
They lifted the building,
With extreme hard work,
For being displaced after sometime,
For being homeless,
For being sick and unfit,
They made the building very beautiful,
They donated their own beauty,
They gave their skin colour,
And became dark to make others bright,
They absorbed the sun without its light,
And once the owner examined this extreme beauty,
- the creation of those small God's,
He also visited till the highest floor,
As he goes up, he keeps going,
And when he looked at bottom,
From the 'Top',
The only dirt- were huts.
And now, he showed his beautiful heart,
Made building more beautiful,
He puts cars instead,
And those small Gods,
Destroyed their homes themselves,
With a smile on their faces,
With a new target,
To make someone else so high,
That he also destroys them.
Those who are creating,
Are being destroyed,
But they create,

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