What do you prefer, a torch or a light that connects to a switch?
most would choose the light that works without a hitch.
Here’s the story of a torch and his life in a house,
ignored by the master and his spouse.

Very often he would feel excluded by the lights,
He was said to be useless and would get into fights.
He would spend his day lying in a basket, not being used,
While at this the useful lights were seemingly amused.

Once struggling to find his use,
he tried moving,
But to his misfortune, he took a great fall,
and thought his worth here , was really not worth proving .

One night sitting by the window he got into a conversation with the moon.
As he narrated his tragic tale, the moon laughed and told him that his time would come soon.
There was a time when he too was disheartened because of not having his own light.
But his best friend lent him some of his own light and now the moon shines in the night.

The torch felt so good after talking to the moon,
And knew that having a friend itself was a great boon.

One night there was a power cut,
And the lights were not working, the torch found this amusing, but,
Then he saw his master approaching him
As his master drew nearer the torch saw that his face looked very grim.

He grabbed the torch and switched it on.
The torch finally knew his purpose and his sorrow was gone.
From then on, he remained confident like the moon,
Because he now knew that all he needed was confidence to stay in tune.

Akshara Aiyar
6 A

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