The rain falls from clouds of misery
Painting the world in mists of agony
Creating oceans of darkening decay
The world is lost under skies of fate

Slowly the world drowns in it's fears
As each day passes, so do the years
Holding corpses of the ones they held dear
In shades of grey, they shed their crimson tears

The plague spreads with fires of torment
One by one, as they fall, more fall to regret
Too many to bury, they cremate and neglect
The depression builds, it snaps, pain becomes too immense

They charge at its heart, severing arteries
They break it's walls, shatter its memories
Stabbing and tearing, they kill treachery
As everything crumbles, so do the centuries

Now all is quiet, the world laid to waste
So it can all be rebuilt, in a land of peace
Men, women and children, all has been torn and broken
To break them away, to show what couldn't be spoken

Hand in hand, they walk from a war of regret
A world so cold and empty, all must be rebuilt
For they couldn't take anymore of this pain and neglect
All had to perish, to free the lives of the oppressed

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