Raised by Gods glory, that’s how I was brought up

Devil coming for me, that’s how I got caught up

Lord blessed me with everything, everything I ever needed

But I threw it all away and told him that I didn’t need it

So young with an attitude, lived my life controlled by anger

Where does it all come from, I don’t know but life is crazy

See I say that all the time, say it on a daily basis

But it is so true to me, do not ask me to explain it

So much pain I’ve been through, probably brought it on myself

Nevertheless it hurts so bad this cannot be good for my health

But I keep on pushin’ through it, pushin’ through the rainy days

See this is a vicious cycle, drugs would take the pain away

But the help was temporary, tell me will it ever change

Guess it will remain the same until I plan to change my ways

But how do I change my ways, guess get on my knees and pray

Still temptations keep on coming, pushin’ through them everyday

I’m torn between this life of God, I’m torn between these blunts I toke

Torn between whats right and wrong, see do these people really know

What they think they know about me, and I think it’s crazy though

How they judge me but they can’t see the angel that’s behind the poem

Demons all around us but to them I think the curtains closed

Over their eyes, desensitized to the difference between friend and foe

Look at how I live my life, call me hypocritical

If you only knew I try so hard, my sins I am forgiven for

Keep in mind im only human, so are you that’s why we pray

Help us fight through these temptations we face each and every day

Like smokin’ blunts and drinkin’ beer, they seem so innocent to me

I’m probably wrong, but fuck that shit, I’m going to do it anyway

Damnit here I go again, my alter ego’s kickin’ in

From good to bad, from bad to good, I pray that good will finally win

But then again I am not sure the bad I do lines up with sin

Lord if it does then I am sorry for this buzz that’s kickin’ in

This might sound fucked up to you, but this is just the truth within

My heart that I’m speaking, if it’s too real then I understand

See do not get me wrong, I’ll tell you right now that it’s God I fear


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This poem simply illustrates my personal battle with spiritual warfare