Torn to Pieces

My heart is torn to pieces,
Can you fix it,
It hurts like nothing I have felt before,
The pain is excruciating,
More than I can bare,
The pounding in my chest is slowing,
To nonexistent,
The words I want to say,
Frozen in my throat,
Paralyzed with fear and hurt,
Mind spinning,
Not knowing how it will end,
This pain,
This hurt,
This suffering of many souls,
This heartache is over powering,
The accumulating fear and hate towards others,
Breaks my heart,
But what am I saying,
My heart is already shattered to millions of pieces,
No way of finding them all,
No way of saying they belong to this heart,
Because there's no heart here,
Not at all,
Just a empty hole where one use to be.

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