Torn up

I am so torn up right now I find it hard to breathe. But this really is not about me. People dying unjustly by the people sworn to protect thee, blindly. But are they blind, or do they do it as prescribed. I think sometimes its a creed and sometimes its done by lead and they sowed the seed. The point is it's just all really bleeding red. We are people wanting to survive but we are blind. Make them feel the meaning of the war before we care no more. All people, white, black and brown we need our crown. This is not just about skin color it's about cultural disaster. The poor are more inclined to see the folley in the major wealth and their power. Stop letting them divide us and let them unite us. There is black lives matter we all agree but more importantly there are the poor who care in this fight whether black, white or brown we have earned our freedom as it's showed in protest posture.. I'm not sure this is a racist thing or maybe an impoverished sing. Look who is standing by you in this deluge thing. I am here I understand that I will never understand, but I stand for the right and us poor are going to help my colored soar.

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