Tortured mind

Darkness once enveloped my angry mind
I was destroyed
I suffered
I went in blind

The pain you left
The damage you caused
A lifetime of madness
Put my life on pause

To those who scared my once full heart
I hope one day you fall into the dark

With eyes filled with fear
And a mind full of hate
You'll succumb to an early death
It must be fate

You'll be put in the ground
Were your body will rot
Your mind will be dead
But your soul will not

You'll be burned in hell for lies that you gave
Theres no point in fighting
You wont be saved

Karma came to give back what you took
Maybe next time you'll take one more look
Before you destroy
Before you cause pain
I will no longer feel like I'm insane

My mind is now clear
The pain almost lost
Look what you did
Look at the cost

I may have been broken
But I come through the flames
I am stronger than ever
I've seen through the haze

I will save those went through
The life of the broken, the scarred and the caged.

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