Tortured Soul

She walks around with tears in her eyes.
No one understands what she hides inside.
She carries on with a smile on her face...
No one notices but nothing is in place.
She is slowly falling apart.
But no one cares about what's in her heart.
She wonders when will the hurt go.
Or when will the scares no longer show.
She is begging God for the needed change.
By the minute she's feeling more deranged.
Now she is drowning in a sea of tears.
Suffocated by the hands of fear.
Don't walk away, she begs.
While the bruises move up her legs.
With hands pressed against her throat.
She's begging just let her be, trying not to choke.
Forced back by the man she loves.
As the dark one blinds her with his gloves.
Over the tortured soul is what you don't see.
Only a slanted smile with no ounce of grief.
But don't worry, continue with your day.
Soon what's left of her will all fade away.

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