Tortured Soul

By Sierra   

Soaked and stained for awhile it will ease the pain
but the memories still remain ti will haunt you
day and night; never will it go away. Picture this
you are alone with your knife you're thinking
about taking your life. The sticky fluid rolls over
your pale skin then you sit back. As the world goes
black with a massive hole in your chest. Pale red
circles stain the white carpet reminding you of a
distraught past hours go by before you awake.
You look at your arm and see horrible mistakes
try and cover it up with your shirt; yet you muffle
your screams of anger and grief with a towel in your
mouth just to cover the hurt. The cloth is soaked and
stained from having half your soul drained. This battle
will never end through the pain you'll lose your
friends; they won't hear your screams it'll be like
notes of despair being erased as the blood streams.
So if I'm soaked and stained, will you love me the
same? I know what the answer will be so don't waste
your time on me. Your tears aren't enough to mend what
I hold inside the sad thing is I thought I could trust
you. I guess you don't remember what we went through.
Well, I'll be on my way. There's no reason for me to
stay. My wrists are pouring the memory of life. If you
need me I'll be behind a sealed door, draining my soul
soaked and stained.

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