Tortured Soul

Consumed by pain that won't let me be
surrounded by fools whom cannot see
Pushed ahead by pain by pain that will never be gone
filled with rage, not sure I want to go on
I'm filled with pain, this can't be wrong
Why do these demons torture me,
I look around, can no one see?
I scream in pain, this can't be fair,
my tortured soul, this pain laid bare.
I tried to speak but no one would hear,
with this shattered mind, I'm filled with tears
Hounded by dreams of what once was real
consumed by pain, I don't want to feel
Why won't the memories go away
how much longer, do I have to pay
My mind and soul were shattered by rape,
hounded by pain, there's no escape
The needles and lines numb my brain,
the agonizing memories drive me insane
What was this for why did it happen?
I still remember how he stood there laughing
No one would listen no one would hear
no one can see how my soul's been seared
Why did he do it, can't he feel?
For the rest of my life these things I'll feel
Next time people don't look away
for if you do more of us will pay

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