On my way to touch the stars,
I passed the moon and glanced at mars.
I left behind the human race, took her smile with me in space.
Left my dreams just soared away., thought of her every day.
Searching in the Milky Way, deeper in the Speckled Grey
I came upon a comets trail got tangled in its blazing tail.
Watched a meteor burn to sand,
reached to heaven for a hand.
Thought of her and coming home everything was just a blur.
Recalling things I saw on earth,
never knowing all there worth.
But now so far so far away... how I thirst for yesterday.
Climbed mountains that wore clouds for hats.
Saw rainbow arms that hugged the sky,
Then watched the colors fade in my eyes.
Oceans roll volcanoes roar like my life always torn.
Crimson sun in a blacken sky gives us life while others die.
I heard someone call out my name, my destiny lies in this frame
All this time I've been alone I think of her and being home.
Seeking answers in my mind never knowing what I'll find
On my way to touch no end I lost my life, my love and only friend.

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