To do or not to do,keep me occupied...
Only to find myself clogged
Under the most impulsive thought- web
Persistently nerve-racking me till date
How do you declare it is my fate!?

Stealing away the tranquility of my mind
Turning hurdles into hazards,I find
Only to obscure me deep into gloom
Never in unison with my bosom
Ever melancholic ,ever lamenting ushering into doom
True, life is cumbersome ,but am I the only one?

Out of the ocean of earthlings...why me?
Under the sky raining distress only for me...
Chaos and confusion fills my life to vacuum
How on Earth will relief come...
Sucking breathe out of my life
Trust me, I 'm sinking in strife...

Only the diamonds are tested
Never get disrupted...Every day is a blessing,
Dawns for all ,grab it without missing...
Lament not,seek out ,and you shall entertain!
Blessings in disguise; not TOMBSTONES but TOUCHSTONES!

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