Tough Love

I love you, you've came to be faithful
And the one who,
I know won't break my heart.
Somehow, you let the light shine through
And comfort me
At times unpleasant and dark.
Never knew someone could rescue me
From my feebleness and insecurity
Lonely and weak your love is my break,
It's always there for my mind's sake.

But then you came to
Be spiteful, hateful,
And the person who
I want to flee from.
Degrading, it seems I have become a victim.
I feel so cheated, fatuous, and dumb.
Blinded, I could not see your immorality.
How could you feed off my vulnerability?
You're devious malicious atrocious,
I never expected you to turn like this!

Nevertheless, despite how you are,
I try to refute you
But you've already acquired my heart!
So I still do, sadly I love you.

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